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glp asteroid - bernard meets glp, again!

Wow what an adventure we have.


After discovering an asteroid we discovered several things, it would hit earth within a couple of weeks.

Here is more information about it


What we know (knew) about the asteroid, so far.

A 300 meter, or half a mile wide, asteroid will impact the Atlantic Ocean, or on land at about the level of Mexico, on the 25th of March, which is Tuesday week, early in the afternoon

DA2013CL2 (Schnitzel)

Named after the person who discovered it, Dr Heinerich Schnitzel. It's one of the asteroids from out on the orbit of Jupiter, 60° away from Jupiter at one of two LaGrange points on Jupiter's orbit. It will be coming in from the direction of Pisces, incidentally from where the sun is now, in Pisces.
It will be coming in from the West, that is to say, with the rotation of the earth, so may land.

Upon speaking to the world media about this, Heinerich was murdered, more to come on this.

UPDATE: DA2013CL2 has increased in speed

If this is the case, then with the rotation of the earth, it will come down further west than predicted. If fast enough, it could even land in the Pacific Ocean and satisfy another prophecy which says an asteroid will come down in the Pacific Ocean (Dr Walter Tomson in Gunnison).

The 25th has been marked as impact date, but announcements will be given in the next day on television, presenting the data as it comes through

What was said fits prophecy very well.
These are destined changes which are designed to raise the vibration of the earth and free the earth from low vibration.


Here is an exclusive photo of the asteroid during a near pass of earth serveral years ago, on that occasion we were lucky, sadly not this coming time, sorry about image quality but this was taken from a telescope, the object here is streaking through space about a 3rd of the distance between earth and the moon, here is is


 Plus a news report video on the near miss 



Anyway, a long, very long thread developed about it...     Very disturbing news as this asteroid will wipe out earth.

here is the introduction (ps my scientist colleague raymond brown wrote it as i do not have access to a computer)


My name is Raymond i am a scientist working for various astronomy departments around the world, both public sectors and private sectors. I am not a conspiracy theorist, i am not one of those convinced that `the moon landing was faked` or `2012 nibiru would hit earth`. I look at facts.
However, a few weeks ago,an asteroid 18 meters wide exploded 40 miles above a Russian town, do you know what it would have done if it hit earth? It would have killed many thousands. The shockwaves of the explosion were recorded across the world thousands of miles away. This isnt a theory or assumption these are facts.

Now this is what we have seen. The asteroid was part of a large body of similar objects coming in from the asteroid belt. There is one which we have not detected until now, because a/ we could not determine its exact projected path and b/ we did not want to scare people.
Exactly 2 hours later the faxes came through from our U.S observatory.

This object, half a mile wide is heading for earth and will hit Canada or Mexico in the next 14 days. Exact time and day will be added here later. This will be an extinction level event. The blast itself will kill millions, and the rest of the living beings will be erased within a matter of motnhs

Even when i heard the news i did not believe it. I insisted on seeing a copy, and asked them to recalculate everything. The calculations were sadly correct.

So here i am, to tel you all that these final days are ones to be embraced. Tell the ones around you that you love them, pray to whichever God or higher faith you believe in. Please make ammends with enemies, and spread the love and warmth.

I am sorry. I really am.

  (Saga over.....    but ill be back GLP once you unbane me)!!

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