Bernard - Nasa employee

Alien invasion this wednesday!  flee to mexico (march 2014)

Well guys just when you thought bernard was dead and buried, i have come along and spoken to my alien contactees and there is an alien invasion this wednesday!

My name is Dr Julian Schnitzel, i am a scientist and doctor of law.

I am writing this at a huge risk to my life. 

There is a landing of ufos this coming wednesday in Moscow and London, further landings will occur the next day in Canada and United States.

The whole Russia/ Ukraine issue was orchestrated purely as a distraction.

Obama, and all the world leaders know about this, and are heading on monday for underground bases near Mexico.

Several of my scientist friends were murdered this morning, as they attempted to speak out.

BBC have been given specific instructions to not broadcast any of this.

Humanity are going to be left to deal with this themselves. These beings are going to come and kill millions, and take a few thousands with them as slaves. Their main reason for coming is collection of dna which was left by the anunuaki thousands of years ago. 
These beings will leave one of theirs as a one world king. This is nothing knew, it was done during the main Egpyptian period.

I am asking all of you to pick up arms, go to a safe place and be ready wednesday. Warn your friends and loved ones, family if you will. 
And pray, most of all prayer, because i believe out their God is listening to us. 

Dr H J Schnitzel