Bernard - Nasa employee





2014 march - Alien invasion wednesday! go to glp for all the info 



New mothership arriving october 24th 2013! i have official proof, and this will be real, please watch out for more info


Update (old)

 So it is the end of summer 2013, and boy have i got news.

My enemies at ATS have updated their website like a true reptilian, but they wont escape me.

They know in their heart of hearts that i am right, and they must battle their inner demons and then they will see the light. 

I am back, and. boy have i got great stuff for all of you.

I have travelled to different planets, met new friends, had relatives abducted by the men in black, and i have also exclusive news on an asteroid heading for mankind. Will be updating the pictures.

Can not wait to share the new things with you.  Love Bernard

i am also a roswell witness, and saw the removal of alien bodies!

 I have video and photo evidence!


My name is Bernard Schnitzel!


My wife is Brenda we have been married for 25 years and have two beautiful children

alphie, simon and teresa.


I will share all of my experiences and gift videos and photos of my extraterrestrial experiences in due course.


Love from Bernard, nasa employee